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About Me

Andrew Logan

I am a student of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and someone who is very keen about personal and spiritual development. Over the years, I have explored many facets of spirituality - particularly the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and the newer tradition of Ascended Master teachings. My spiritual development has included assistance from many sources, including healings from other healers, time spent in meditation, work with mantra, work with sacred substances from spiritual lineages, receiving spiritual activations, and much more.

After many years studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism, I discovered the Ascended Master teachings and have trained in many courses they have sponsored, and received much support from them from their Ascension Portal in New Zealand. I am also very grateful to have received a Triple Diamond Lily Activation from the Lily and Beyond. Through several years with these offerings, I have now passed the 8th initiation (according to the system of initiations presented via the Ascension Portal), meaning my Higher Self is fully embodied, and I am no longer tied to further human rebirth. I am now on the 2nd ray - the yellow ray of wisdom and joy.

My deep desires in this life are to be of service, and this healing work has come to me as one way to offer support. Going forward I am excited to explore new ways to be of service, expanding my vision for the future of what is possible for my life, both personally and in relation to greater humanity. I am so excited for the future we all share, and hopeful for the many blessings that await us as a species as we collectively evolve and awaken to new levels of enlightened divine life. May all our highest wishes be fulfilled :)

Here is some piano music inspired by my higher being: