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Welcome to LotusGateway!
Powerful life-changing spiritual transformations

Here I offer very powerful remote energetic healing sessions intended to dramatically accelerate your spiritual growth and blossoming. Spiritual growth can often be a difficult process, but at times we are presented with opportunites for more graceful forms of change. The healings offered here are one such opportunity, should your being feel the calling.

All healing comes from higher levels of our beings, whether higher levels of the soul, higher self, or in the case of these sessions - from the level of my God Self (the higher self's higher self). This is quite a unique offering at this time, and I know the benefits are immense for those wishing to receive this assistance.

I also offer energetic attunements transmitted from the level of my Higher Self. These are divine energies transmitted to assist you in your life and spiritual process.

Connect with me on facebook where I post updates and also host a free weekly 15-minute healing-love session, where my Higher Self sends healing-love to gently assist you in your life journey.