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Intuitive Email Readings

I now offer intuitive (psychic) readings in a few categories below. These are offered through email as text readings and not recorded audio readings. For each reading, I will tune into my Higher Self and God Self and convey the information they reveal to me. The requested offering for each intuitive reading is $35 CAD. After you have placed your order, I will do the reading as soon as I am available and will email the channeled messages to you. When you place your order please also email me to let me know which category of reading you want and any particulars you wish to focus on in the reading.

The categories of intuitive readings I currently offer are:

What Is Best For Me Now Reading

This reading involves providing you with a list of what Spirit sees would best serve you at this time. This can include certain supplements, herbs, crystals, Ascended Masters and Archangels to connect with, as well as activities in your life. It is up to you to work with this list and choose what is available and most interests you to implement.

Galactic Connections Reading

This reading involves detailing your Galactic connections in Spirit. This will include mention of what planetary systems you have had past lives on, what Star Guides are most prevalent and wanting to connect with you now, and any additional guidance related to Star Lineage Connections.

Spiritual Themes Reading

This reading involves outlining some of the major spiritual themes in your life at the present time, and giving you some channeled advice of how to best align with the lessons and growth provided. Some examples of themes might be Forgiveness, Self-Love, Discipline, Inner Peace, etc.

More Coming Soon...

Love Offering for Readings:

Click here to send offering. Be sure to select "Send" when asked by PayPal. Also please let me know which reading you would like and any additional focus you want. All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

Due to the nature of this work, I will not be able to offer a refund after a reading has been completed.