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Spiritual Links

Below are some links to other spiritual websites which I feel are very beneficial:

Ascended Masters Portal - an Ascended Master Portal based in New Zealand, where you can receive healing sessions from the Masters, and purchase very beneficial Ascended Master products like energetic oils, healing shawls, and crystal portals. Highly recommended!

Torus Healings - a healing offering from a group of us who are 7th initiates. These healings are very powerful and can have a wide range of focuses.

Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates - a book compiled by Carol Anne Halstead that includes stories of the spiritual journeys of thirteen initiates, myself included, who have completed certain levels of Ascension. Spiritual life stories to help inspire you on your own unique spiritual path!

Sacred School of OmNa - a great offering by Natalie Glasson of channeled meditations, courses, activations, and much more from Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Star Beings. A very beautiful sacred school.

LightQuest Intl. - a great offering by Bryan de Flores of energetic accelerator prints, teleconferences, and other products from Star Beings, Archangels, and Ascended Masters. Highly recommended!

Tools4Transformation - powerful offerings including Vibrational Essences created by Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Star Beings and more. Awesome!

Sirius Ascension - a great site for those interested in starseed spirituality with offerings from Paul McCarthy including star attunements, intuitive readings, and e-books.

The Heart Portal - the free monthly offering of Qala Sri'Ama and the Sirius Library of beautiful guided meditations and energy body upgrades. Highly recommended!

Lily and Beyond - a powerful set of activations and energetic rewiring known as a Lily Activation. These have been an enormous benefit for me and my spiritual unfoldment.

New Earth Energies - a website by Amanda Hadley who offers over 600 different Reiki and related energy attunements. These attunements are great ways to become skilled in using energy healing for yourself or others.

Future Alchemy - a great online source of blessed and sacred substances and alchemical formulas, which can offer immense spiritual assistance.

Monlam.org - a great site for sponsoring spiritual prayers and pujas from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

Andara Awakening - great site with a wide selection of magical Andara crystals for sale.

CrystalAge - a great online crystal shop that ships worldwide. High quality crystals.

Blog.otylia.pl - Tarot online and numerology