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Powerful Support from my God Self


The healings offered do not come from my human self, or soul, or even higher self - but rather from a higher aspect of being known as the God Self, the level beyond higher self. This level of being offers very unique healing and transformational processes to one's human and spiritual selves. Unlike other forms of healing, there is no need for me to engage with the session using established techniques or symbols. Instead, at the given time of the session, I will tune in energetically as my God Self transmits profound life-changing spiritual work.

Spiritual healing is not something for fixing problems but rather for expanding divine solutions. So if you are looking for a healing for a physical illness or life issue, this is not the proper form of healing to seek. Instead, this level of healing is reserved for high-level spiritual work for individuals who are committed to a profound transformation of their being on levels much higher than usually imagined. What is offered is not for small problems, but rather for immense solutions - something truly sacred and divine.

What happens during the sessions is beyond the range of human understanding. The spiritual dimensions of our being are immense and highly detailed. The energies available are seemingly infinite in scope. The precision required is amazing, which is why all is done by my God Self, and not the human self. It is a sacred time of transformation for the soul and human self. It is beyond words what will occur, but some information will be transmitted after each session as is appropriate for the human self to understand.

Sessions are offered for $50 (Canadian Dollars - CAD) for each 20 min segment. Up to 4 segments can be ordered for a single session. After ordering, please send me an email with your name, picture of your face, time zone, and available times. I will respond shortly with a designated time. During the time, simply sit or lie down and I will connect energetically to your being, and my God Self will transmit the healing work.

We wish you the most positive and profound experiences and transformations :)


Multidimensional DNA Activations
Embody the more expanded and perfected You!

I am excited to offer a three-level DNA activation process at this time. This work is done by my Higher Self in consultation with your own being, allowing for the activation of your multidimensional DNA, bringing with it the benefits of greater health, greater mental performance and clarity, greater embodiment of soul gifts and abilities, and greater anchoring of your Soul Light and Being into your physical reality.

The process involves between one to three, one-hour long activation sessions done remotely. You can choose how deep you wish to take the process, as each session will build on the previous one and activate a greater level of DNA potential, to a maximum of three sessions. Sessions are $111 each, and unlike the God Self healings will not include a written message about the session afterwards. The sessions must be spaced at least a week apart if you choose to do more than one, to allow your being time to integrate the shifts. Feel into if this DNA activation process is right for you :)

Brain Capacity Upgrade

This 30 minute session involves first the cleansing and clearing of unneeded energies in your brain, followed by the precise activation and expansion of brain regions to allow a higher brain capacity. As brain capacity increases, this leads to heightened awareness, greater cognition, and increased intelligence. The price for this session is $77 CAD

Divine Heart Activations

 This is a 30 minute scheduled activation session performed by my God Self where a higher level of divine functioning of your heart center is activated. This can include activations and expansions of your heart chakra and higher heart chakra to propel you forward in embodying and radiating a greater level of unconditional love, bliss, and heart intelligence. The session is $77 CAD and will not include a write-up like the main God Self healing sessions.

Pineal Gland Activations

The pineal gland is a small gland located in the center of the brain that is associated with spiritual awareness and abilities. It is commonly associated with the third eye chakra. This activation I offer involves my God Self activating higher potentials of its functioning over the course of a 30 minute remote session. This will lead to increased intuition and intuitive vision, deepened experiences in meditation, and a stronger conscious connection to Spirit and your guides. Unlike the DNA Activations offered above, for this pineal gland activation only one session is all that is required for the level of activation offered at this time. The price for this offering is $77 CAD and will be scheduled as a 30 minute session. Unlike the main God Self healing sessions this is not a channeled session and will not include a description of what occurred during the session.

Cosmic Christ Activations

This high-level Cosmic Christ Activation activates and expands your Christed Light and Christ Abilities - namely compassion, unconditional love, altruism, and divine service. This is a 30 minute session performed by my God Self and involves upgrades to your heart, mind, and etheric being to anchor more of these expansive Christed qualities into your life and activity. This session is also a great boost to those who offer heart-centered service work such as healers, teachers, and coaches. The price for this activation is $77 CAD.

Solar Activations

Activate Solar Consciousness - a higher, more expanded and brighter mode of consciousness. This 20 minute activation by my Higher Self works to open and expand your connection to the solar level of consciousness. Benefits may include more light in your mind and reality, and expanded mental and emotional functioning and well-being. The price for this activation is $44 CAD.

Accelerated Transformation Packages!

7 Day Transformation Package includes 4x 20-minute God Self healing segments, which can be scheduled in any combination of 20-, 40-, 60-, or 80-minute sessions during the 7 days and 7 daily 15-minute healing-love sessions from my Higher Self, scheduled from 7:00 to 7:15PM Eastern Daylight Time (these do not have to be attended consciously to be of benefit, the benefit will be received even if you are asleep). The price for this package is $175CAD.

21 Day Transformation Package includes 12x 20-minute God Self healing segments and 21 daily 15-minute healing-love sessions, to be scheduled in the same manner as the 7-day package. The price of this package is $500CAD.

These packages are for those who are very keen and dedicated towards accelerated transformation and spiritual progress, and will catalyze immense transformation in one's life path, spiritual unfoldment, and path of service. They offer considerable cost savings over booking the sessions individually.

A Week of Healing-Love Support


If you enjoy the free weekly healing-love event that is offered through my Higher Self, you can also subscribe to a full week of these fifteen minute sessions, though at a higher level of healing intensity than the free events. This week-long package includes seven days in a row of powerful healing-love sessions, scheduled each day at 7:00PM Eastern Time (North American time zone).

The cost for a one week package is $50CAD. If you want a longer period of support this way, I also offer a four-week package of healing-love sessions for $175. These sessions build on each other to culiminate in continual shifts and support for your spiritual unfoldment, overall well-being and ascension process.

Lightwave Energy Healing


In 2018 I was activated and trained in the Lightwave energy healing modality by Bryan de Flores. Lightwave is an energy technology that heralds from the Pleiadian star system and was created to work with our human bodies. I find it is a very high vibrational and extremely versatile modality, as it allows the practitioner to infuse a vast range of frequencies including Ascended Masters, Angels, Animal Totems, Foods, Herbs, Essential Oils, Crystals, Virtues, Nature frequencies, Mystical frequencies, Planetary systems, Vitamins and Minerals, and more.

The healing process I offer with Lightwave includes multiple steps: an auric cleanse with the violet flame, chakra balancing of the seven major chakras as well as the higher heart and 8th chakra above the head, balancing and strengthening the five elementals of your body (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space), followed by infusing usually between 10 and 20 frequencies that I am intuitively guided that will best serve you at this time. Finally the session is closed by cocooning you in White Light, which allows the infused energies to be preserved for up to a week as they assimilate in your being.

These sessions can either be requested to assist in a specific area in your life like health, prosperity, spiritual gifts, higher awareness, emotional support, etc. - or you can request to leave it up to my Higher Self to see what frequencies will best serve you at this time. Either way, the session will include all the steps listed above. After the session, I will email you with a list of the specific energies that were worked with in the session.

Due to the quick speed of the Lightwave technology, sessions generally will run for a maximum of 20 minutes only. These are offered as a distance healing, and I will require a photo of yourself emailed to me at the time of booking. The price of these sessions is $40. When you book I will set a start time for the session, but unlike the other offerings I offer, the session will not have a fixed length of time as it will depend on how quickly your being receives the infusions, and every session will be unique. Generally the session will be around 20 minutes, and you can simply lie down and receive for the duration of it :)


Love Offering for Session:

Click here to send offering. Be sure to also include a description of the length of the session you're requesting. Requested offering is $50 for each 20 minute segment if purchased individually. The 7-Day Transformation Package is priced at $175, and the 21-day package is priced at $500. DNA activations are priced at $111 per session. Divine Heart Activations, Pineal Gland Activations, and Cosmic Christ Activations are priced at $77 each. Lightwave sessions are $40. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

 Due to the nature of this work, I will not be able to offer a refund after a session has been completed.